An Interview with Santchi
Who are Santchi?
We’re web developers based on the Wirral, in the north west of England. We specialise in creating websites, web tools and web calculators for financial advisers and financial services proffessionals. We have 20 years experience in website development and a passion for writing great code!

Why financial services?
We have over 10 years experience working in financial services and we really like the industry, it’s one big community. Of course, we will look at any interesting projects that come our way but I guess screen grab from google page insights page we feel better placed than most to add real value to clients in the financial services industry.

So what makes Santchi different?
We start with the end user and work backwards. We ask questions like why are they visiting the site? What action do we want them to take? How did they find the site? What type of browser are they using? We aim to create a bespoke site that effortlessly fulfils the needs of both the visitor and the site owner.

Don’t all developers do that?
No, not really, lots of companies will simply offer you a range of templates to chose from. We’re not against templates but we just don’t like using them. We much prefer to build our sites from scratch. It’s not a one size fits all approach, the sites are individually constructed to meet each clients needs. This approach is more time consuming but we find that the end result far exceeds what you get with a template.

Tell me more about your code?
A big part of what we do is optimisation, we want our sites to outperform the competition! We strip away all unnecessary code and keep the pages lightweight, this ensures that the pages load lightning fast in any browser. We focus on content and leave out all the unnecessary fluff that nobody really cares about. We write responsive code as standard, all our sites automatically adapt to screen size. We adhere to WAI accessibility standards because we want to make the sites fully accessible to everyone; you wouldn’t accept a shop without disabled ramps so why accept a website that can’t be viewed by people with disabilities? We make proper use of HTML markup to make the content easily read and catalogued by search engine algorithms. We use testing tools such as google page speed insights to help us debug and test or code for speed, performance, usability and mobile friendliness.

That all sounds expensive?
Not at all, we deliver unbelievable value for money. With Santchi you get full access to your own web developer (face 2 face, on the phone and by email) who creates and manages the website at a price that other companies charge for a template.

Great, how do we work with you?
That’s easy, just send us an email and we’ll call you back for a chat.

Santchi are a web development company based on the Wirral in the North West of England. We develop websites and web tools for the financial services industry. We specialise in websites for financial advisers and financial services professionals.
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